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Dynamic Courtroom Security


Threats and attacks on members of the judiciary are ever-increasing in our society. As criminal and terrorist elements become more sophisticated, their growing presence must be countered by implementation of proper security plans to ensure the integrity of the court system. This training provides a comprehensive and complete court security program which participants can use as a guideline for helping ensure the integrity of the court systems they protect. Major subject areas presented in this program include: Judicial Facility Security, Courtroom Security, Active Shooter, Prisoners in Court and High Threat Issues.


Topics that will be covered are:

  • Courtroom security concepts

  • Levels of security

  • Security issues for clerks of court and other court offices

  • Development of contingency safety and security plans

  • Threats to judicial officers

  • Threat management and intelligence information

  • Threats scenarios and group exercise

  • Force on Force Counter Ambush Tactics: Reinforcing the tactics and techniques needed while in opposition force scenario.

  • Moving inmates/suspect or personnel during active shooter and ambush scenarios

  • Communications

  • Hostile environment and dealing with hostile crowds


Cost: $900

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