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Cell Extraction Instructor


This 5-day (40 hours) agency instructor level certification program was designed for agencies to train and certify departmental instructors in Cell Extraction and Control Systems for corrections. This course was designed to enhance the instructor’s development in the use and training of control tactics for single and multiple officer control tactics using anatomically correct techniques, and to protect departments from costly litigation issues that could arise from the use of physical force during an encounter. This course fully addresses all aspects of physical restraints, and introduces the “Shield Subduing Techniques and Tactics.” Instruction is based on realistic use and applications of control methods in the use of force situations.

Course Topics
  • Documentation and  Medical Issues

  • Selection Deployment of Chemicals

  • Support Personnel and Squads

  • Use of Shield Tactics

  • The Purpose of Force Cell Moves

  • Purpose and Use of the Protective Mask

  • Contingency Planning and Operations

  • Pre-Screening Personnel

  • Intergraded use of force options

  • Use of Restraints Control Devices

  • Entry Drills for 3/5 Person Teams

  • Ground Stabilization Tactics

  • Baton Deployment and Selection Criteria

  • Importance Crisis Management Teams

  • How to establish Cell Extraction Teams

  • Equipment and Gear Selection

Appropriate clothing suitable for riot control, issued protective equipment, helmet with drop shield, gloves,
instructional clothing and footwear, whistle & lanyard, appropriate duty belt with handcuffs and key, handcuff
case, and handcuff key. Bring riot shield, shotgun, gas launcher, training weapons and holsters, as appropriate,
to include training handguns, training impact weapons, and inert aerosol sprays.


Cost: $900.00 Per Student

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